The Responsibilities of the Members

The payments that our registered members have to make to our chamber
Registration Fee : It is the fee that the member has to pay when registering to the chamber. Every year, the registration fee is determined by the Chamber Board provided that the lower and upper limits determined in the law are followed and it comes into force by the decision of the Chamber Council.
Yearly Contribution: It is the fee that the member has to pay in accordance with his registration degree every year. Every year, the yearly contribution is determined by the Chamber Board provided that the lower and upper limits determined in the law are followed and it comes into force by the decision of the Chamber Council.
Additional Contribution: It is the fee that is collected as eight per thousand over the previous year’s business income and corporate income of our members. The upper limit cannot be more than 10 times of the upper limit of the yearly contribution.


((The registration fee and the yearly contribution cannot be less than 10% and more than half of the gross total of the monthly minimum wage that is applied for the people older than 16.)

The yearly contribution and the additional contribution are paid in two equal installments in June and October every year. For the unpaid contributions within this period, the default interest is settled and collected in the valid rates in accordance with the law no: 6183.


The Obligation to Declare the Status Changes

In accordance with the article no: 10 of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges with no: 5174, “Those who have to register to the chambers have to notify the chambers, which they are registered, about all the status changes that must be recorded and declared according to the Turkish Commercial Code within one month. The relevant chamber, which learns a subject that is obliged to register to the commercial register but not registered yet in the legal form and period, notifies the relevant trade registry office about the status of those who does not perform this statutory obligation in order to make the necessary registry amendments. The trade registry office is responsible for performing necessary procedures upon this notification.”


Suspending the Registers:

In the aforementioned article, it is told, ”The names of the members, whose addresses and status cannot be confirmed beginning from two years before the current year and who do not pay contribution within this period, are deleted from the occupational groups and voter lists and their contribution accrual are detained by the decision of the chamber board. The chamber board is responsible for performing the provision of this article in January every year.


Within two years beginning from the new year following the decision of the chamber board mentioned in the article above, unless the related person notifies the chamber, which he is a member of, about his address and status, the trade registry office is notified for the ex officio deletion of his trade registry by the proposal of the chamber board and the resolution. Beginning from the first day of the month following the notification, the chamber registry is considered deleted. The contribution accrual of the members that announce their status within this period is restarted. However, these members in such situation cannot be registered to the voter lists again unless they pay their all contribution debts.”


Thus, our members should immediately inform our chamber about the changes on address, master agreement, construction, partners, etc. Especially, if they do not announce their address and telephone changes, some problems occur to contact our members.

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