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It is announced by a letter from the TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exhanges of Turkey) that the “Official Notification Regarding Support for Occupational Health and Safety Services” which regulate the procedures for the payment of subsidies to workplaces which are included in the risk and high risk category, as per Article 7 of the Law 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety dated 20.06.2012, was published in the Official Gazette on 3 May 2014 no 28989. (

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Dear Member,

The letter by the Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Board (TAPDK) dated 21.04.2014 no 7700 is below.

For your information.

Based on the provisions on the advertisement of tobacco products and spirits as per the amendments on the Regulations for Procedures and Principles on the Sales of Tobacco Products and Spirits, effected by the Official Gazette dated 07.01.2011 no 27808 based on the amendments in the Law 6487 and Law 4250 on Monopoly of Spirits and Spirit Drinks, the Provisionary Article 8, the transitional periods for the advertisements and promotional policies have been defined.

As per the Provisional Article 8 of the Regulations;

1- As of 18.03.2014, it is prohibited to use portable of fixed advertisement totems, plastic shades and screens in workplaces, and any type of materials which display advertisements for spirits inside the business establishments.

2- As of 18.03.2014, it is prohibited that companies which are active in the alcoholic drinks sector use advertisement methods which promote alcohol brands on motor vehicles used by the company; display brand signs, logos, emblems, and to display trade titles and company information on more than ten percent of one side surface of the vehicle; and to make any alterations the trade name/title in a way to promote a certain brand name.

In addition;

3- As of 11.06.2014, it is prohibited to display any signage which advertise and promote an alcoholic drinks inside or outside the establisment.

4- As of 11.06.2014, it is prohibited to employ staff younger than 18 in the marketing, sales, and open supply of alcoholic drinks.

5- As of 18.09.2014, it is prohibited that the workplaces use racks and booths which display advertisement of alcoholic drinks.

6- In establisments which sell alcoholic drinks in retail, the coolers/mini-fridges in which such drinks are stored and which bear the brand type, emblem and logos of the alcoholic drinks may be used until 10.06.2016 provided that they are placed in closed sections of the establisment. As of 11.06.2016, it is prohibited to use these types of coolers.

As stipulated in the provisions of Law 4250 and the relevant provisions of the Regulations, it is mandatory that the timelines regarding advertising and promotional activities are adhered to by the establishments which sell alcoholic drinks in retail or open supply and that such activities are performed in compliance with the relevant provisions, and the breach of these regulations will result in administrative consequences based on the provisions of Law 4250.

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