* Online Intellectual Property Courses for SMEs

Supoorted and financed by Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes Life Long Learning Program Transfer of Innovation

Subject: E-learning support on patent acquisition, design, industrial and intellectual property rights


Henri Tudor – Luxembourg

Idec Sa – Greece

Eurotraining- Bulgaria

Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Site – Turkey

Innovation Society of Turkey


Our project titled being an “innovative and productive women” aims, as part of the UN developmental objectives, to create employment opportunities for femal immigrants without a job.

Partners ;

-Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry

-Mersin Chamber of Shipping

-Adana Chamber of Commerce


EU Education and Youth Programs Central Directorate National Agency Grundtvig

Our project titled “Support for Development in Rural Areas” was found worthy of support in line with the National Agency Leonardo Da Vinci Grundtvıg Program.

Subject: To protect and promote regional handicrafts and artisanal crafts, thus the cultural legacy.


Partners :

-Bistrita Nasaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Romania

-Lawton School / Spain

-Castlereagh Enterprise / Northern Ireland


An internet-based training module is being prepared to promote entrepreneurship in rural areas through Henge / Green Enterpreneurship Project approved by the National Agency of Spain.

Partners :

– Bistrita Nasaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Romania

– Lawton School / Spain

– Oatridge College / Scotland

– Assist net / Bulgaria

– Alytaus College / Lithuania


As part of the project which is supported by the Çukurova Development Agency, 15 members were given training on innovation, brand, patent acquisition and design.


The project which is supported by the Çukurova Development Agency featured a three-month training on running home pensions, at the end of which 60 participants were awarded certificates.


In our project which was accepted by the social support program operated by the Mersin governorship (SODES), 60 trainees were involved in a training to be service personnel members, qualifying to receive certificates approved by the Ministry of Education at the end of the program. The trainees also received a daily allowance of 15 TL for the duration of three months.

* Towards a Reciprocal Recognition of Quality Assurance Systems in VET for Tourism

As part of our project of EU Education and Youth Programs National Agency Grundtvig, which aims to facilitate the adaptation of graduates of tourism departments to business world, to allow a comparison of quality standards of education modules with those in other European countries, and share the knowledge and findings. The partners in this project are:

– Babes Bolyai University / Romania

– Muğla Trade and Commerce Vocational School

– Umbria Education Center / Italia

– Maich Education Center / Greece



Financial Source: United National Development Program

Total Budget: 73.840 US Dollars

Duration: 8 months

Coordinator: Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Partners: Tarsus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mersin Chamber of Shipping, Adana Chamber of Commerce, Adana Local Agenda 21, Tarsus Local Agenda 21

General Objective: To promote gender equality and encourage economic freedom of untrained and unemployed women in predetermined neighborhoods of Adana, Mersin and Tarsus in order to reduce poverty and increase the quality of life.

Target Audience: 60 unemployed women in Mersin, Tarsus and Adana

Activities: In the three cities where the project is implemented, the required materials were purchased, the training venues were organized and furnished by the Chambers and the Local Agenda 21 representatives. Project promotion, press conference, determination of trainers and the product development board, composition of the selective panel which will select the women to receive the training, the selection of the 60 female trainees, and the composition of the workshop team which will develop the marketing strategy were completed in the first phase of the project.

The determination of the products and motifs, developing the product prototype and the marketing strategy were completed through the involvement of specialists from Adana, Tarsus and Mersin. Social training as well as artisanal training towards the production of prototypes were offered. The products produced as part of the project were marketed through a website.

500 products were purchased by Mersin University, Mersin Chamber of Commmerce and Industry, Mersin Chamber of Shipping, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality to be presented as touristic artisanal gifts and souvenirs to the national and international participants in activities such as International Logistics and Foreign Trade Fair hosted in Mersin and Mersin Symposium.


The female participants of the project training still continue production and marketing activities.

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